Friday, September 5, 2014

Green Mire II - The Gathering Introduction to the Game


Interactive & Immersive 

Grid-wide point & click adventure hunt 
with prizes from top designers

Prizes for Believers
Prizes for Journalists

To believe or not to believe
Choose your side
Follow the path,
The truth is out there

September 5 - October 30


Pay the vendor at the Green Mire landing point 
or in participating store locations  
to receive your HUD.

There are 2 different HUDs as 
there are 2 paths to this hunt. 
Each path has a different ending and different prizes. 

You can choose to be a “Believer” 
or an “Investigative Journalist”. 
Take your pick and get the HUD. 
Wear the HUD and it will attach on the 
top left corner of your screen.


You may do both paths of the 
hunt to get both sides of the story! 
However, you can only play one path at a time.


When you first wear your HUD 
you will see four page tabs.
What the Tabs (buttons) do: 

Red = close to minimize the HUD on your screen 
- HUD will be very small when minimized

Green = MadPea Website

Blue = Facebook

Purple = TP to the game start on Green Mire sim


When you first wear your HUD 
you will see four page tabs.
What the Tabs (buttons) do: 

Red X = close to minimize the HUD on your screen 
- HUD will be very small when minimized

Green = MadPea Website

Blue = Facebook

Purple = TP to the game start on Green Mire sim

The HUD will ask you to allow permissions to TELEPORT you. 

Please accept this as it's necessary for the game to work as intended. 

Please understand that this game is 
a point-and-click adventure. 
Clicking on items will give you clues 
to advance in the game. 

Everytime you find an item that is
of importance, your HUD will 
pick it up and you will receive text 
with clues to the next location. 

Read it carefully and then click on the
NEXT PAGE to be teleported
to the next game location

Make sure to pay attention in nearby chat for instructions and clues/hints.

We also have help available in MadPeas’ group chat 24/7.


This game is very dark by nature. 
While there is no gore or actual horror, 
the story concept might might be 
disturbing to sensitive players. 

What have I missed?

The Gathering is a follow up to a 
small interactive story at Green Mire. 

We strongly recommend for you to do 
that first, if you haven’t yet.

Two young boys have disappeared and 
you are looking for clues to what happened. 

Start from their hideaway by clicking 
on the journal on the table. 



Kiana Writer
Arduenn Schwartzmann
Clicquot Oh 
Electronic Mode 
Fae Varriale 
Fuzz Difference 
Harter Fall 
Honey Vesuvino 
HOPE Leissa 
Indigo Lucerne 
Picole Bade 
RAG Randt 
Thalia Lupindo 
Tichelle Teebrook

With thanks
to Writer 
Osiris Compton

Special thanks to
Kris Spade
Alloy Mint

Participating Vendors
with Prize donations

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Green Mire II/The Gathering-Prize Preview II

Now if you choose to follow the second, it is a different path, different story.  
These are the prizes you will receive.  
So you have TWO hunts, TWO paths to choose from with very cool items to obtain after!  
Or you can do both as well, the choice is yours!
Good Luck and we hope you enjoy the Green Mire Hunt II/The Gathering!


7 Deadly s{K}ins

Van's Armory/Where it Begins Armory

Les Sucreries de Fairy

Srs Corp.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Green Mire II/The Gathering-Prize Preview

Presenting the First Path Stores and the 15 cool prizes you will receive upon completing the Green Mire/The Gathering.  
But wait...there is another path for you to take!  With 15 other cool prizes.  Each story will lead you to a different turn of events and give you different prizes.  Below are the gifts you will receive if you decide to choose this path! 


.: Eclectic Stars:.



Mrs. & Mr. Bones

::Poised:: Urban Apparel

Saturday, August 30, 2014

MadPea Rewind & Play-The Arcade

The Arcade Gacha Event is back September 1st, and 
MadPea is excited to be back as an invited designer. 
We present you with this collection of interactive childhood toys for the event.  
They are sure to make you giggle, put a smile on your face and will also be retired, never to be sold again!
Rewind and Play with Sniffy, Crazy Jack, Thunder Chord, Mad Pea Singers, Wind-n-Watch, Talk-n-Play, Rosetta, Sticky Fingers, the RARE and robotic Zerbert 2000.
These toys will bring out the child in you which is more than worth it!  
They are functional toys, with low land impact, and will be available 
at the Arcade for L$75/pull.
Made just for you with lots of love and care. <3

Only Available in The Arcade on September 1, 2014!

Just a rewind and click above will get you there!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014


We at MadPea Productions, have opened our minds and our hearts in full support of the Stand4Love Project.  With peace and love we stand together to support and embrace a very important message.  

Each person has the right to love and be loved, no matter what!  
A person's orientation and sexual preference should not be a matter of intolerance, but one of pure LOVE and FREEDOM.  Marriage should be available for two consenting and loving adults.  
We support this campaign, and hope that everyone will live in peas, love, and happiness with each other.

<3 <3 Mission <3 <3

This project's ultimate goal is to spread awareness that two consenting adults should have the right to love and marry regardless of their race or sexual orientation. If we can open someone’s mind and promote tolerance and equality, then our goal has been achieved.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Green Mire Hunt II/ The Gathering-Participating Vendors II

Next month,
 you will be able to play another of MadPea's adventures as mentioned yesterday.  Each one of the 30 vendors will have a special prize to offer.  We shared the first group of vendors with you and here goes the final 15, who will be participating in our upcoming Green Mire Hunt II/ The Gathering.  
They are excited and so are we!  
We look forward in seeing you join us,
 September 1st, 2014.






7 Deadly s{K}ins

*IW* Inga Wind Clothing


Soul Designs Studios

Chimeric Arts & Fashions

Les Sucreries de Fairy

Zoe's Garden

Dragon Magick Wares

*~ by Nacht

Van's Armory/Where it Begins Armory

The Gathering/The Green Mire II

September 1st, 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Green Mire Hunt II/ The Gathering-Participating Vendors I

Are you Ready?! 
Well we hope you are, because in September MadPea has something special for all of you. 
A sequel to the Mystery you have been asking us about. Thank you to all the vendors who submitted their applications and who wanted to be a part of this. The Gathering/Green Mire II will include 30 incredible vendors from across the Second Life Grid. Yes, that is right is 30! 

Here is a sneak preview of the first 15 vendors.

So prepare yourselves for another awesome 
MadPea adventure featuring the following vendors:


Electrobit City

Never Totally Dead


[KRC] Kalraye's Confections


 ::Poised:: Urban Apparel

 Challis Products

Mrs. & Mr. Bones

Kawaii Couture


.: Eclectic Stars :.

[!Curvalicious and Axis for men]


Srs Corp.

Stay tuned to find out who the next 15 vendors will be for, 
The Gathering/The Green Mire II